Turn JavaScript Generators on with Special Services

As of October 1, 2002 all the javascript generators on ricocheting.com (the affiliates are NOT included in this) are released as freeware. What that means is that anyone wanting to use the generators on their site are free to do so. No copyrights, credits, or links are required. Use them, abuse them, sell them; just have fun.

To find out where, how, and why check the reasons and policy concerning this release.
Drop Down Menu
This script will help you create a dropdown menu. Each option on your menu will link to a selected page.

Pop-Up Window
Create a custom Pop-Up window. You define size and options. Great for site maps and other info.

Create a watermark that stays in the same place on a page even when scrolled.

Create a Slide Show with multiple images. Includes controls and description for each image.

Auto JavaScript Clock

Have your own digital updating clock for your page. This clock is image based.

Text Clocks
Create your own text clock. Multiple formats and locations to choose from.

Create timer countdown to a specified date. Increments from days down to seconds.

Background Music
Embed background music into your website. Includes options for loop times and display panel.