Surfers Choice Commits To Fighting Terrorism and Helping to Preserve Democracy and Freedom

Effective September 24th, 2001 Surfers Choice will dedicate 10% of all earnings from this site and our other portals and directories to the cause of freedom for all countries. We will continue doing this until such time as this vile enemy is defeated.

There is much you can do to help promote peace, security and freedom throughout this world.

  • Live without hate in your heart. All men were created equal in God’s eyes and should be treated as such in spite of color, creed or beliefs.
  • Treat others with dignity at all times. Even the most troubled person seeks love and understanding. Watch the movie, Dead Man Walking or the Green Mile, to see for yourself.
  • Seek to understand that others may be different from you, but they nonetheless want peace and joy in their lives just as you do.
  • Educate your mind, but just as importantly (or perhaps more so), educate your heart.
  • God put us here to love each other. Teach your children love and tolerance. Love really is all conquering.
  • When hate or fear stares you in the eyes, rise above it, but never let either defeat you.
  • Remember that you can make a difference. Think of those that met the greatest challenge life gives us each one on his or her own on that fateful day to remember – September 11th, 2001. Do positive things with your life so that someday people will live in harmony.