Online Editors for Past Websites

Changing Pages On-line Editor

  • Web sites have established themselves as the de facto standard for presentation of information to clients over the Internet. Many of the advantages of web sites over traditional printed documentation are concerned with attractive presentation, up-to-date content and lower overheads when updating the content. Changing Pages is a high-end free perl/sql script that allows individuals and Web Teams to work on Web pages through the browser.

Fileman – Web based file manager

  • FileMan is a web-based file manager that allows the user to manage a website without using FTP.

Easypress Technologies – internet publishing made easy

  • Easypress Technologies develops easy-to-use Web-based tools that empower publishers to create, manage and publish content online efficiently and profitably. Our products include Easypress – an ASP-based Internet publishing system and Atomik – a QuarkXPress to XML solution

IEXP.Com – Web based Editor

  • Content is King! In order to keep visitors coming back to your site, you must always provide current up-to-date information. FastPage 3.0 allows you to do just that. FastPage 3.0 is easy to use, and requires no HTML or programming language experience. Put the power of FastPage’s server side security and editing capabilities in your hands, and you will realize that FastPage 3.0 is the key element for website content management!

Mill Road Site Manager

  • Manage your website online. Upload, edit, delete and create webpages. Upload any kind of file. Create and delete directories. Rename any kind of file. Website designers, allow your customers to update a portion of their own webpage by directing this script to one directory, protecting the rest of their site from being tampered with. Or direct the script to your root directory and have access to your entire site from any computer.

Online Site Creator

  • An ideal tool for online content management for ASPs, ISPs, dotcoms, to offer corporate web sites creation small and medium enterprises.

Page Grinder Web Online Publisher

  • Our PageGrinder web content tool for websites is now available for free download. This software allows you to modify content via web browsers or email without changing site design or using html editors. The software is appropriate for most sites but not compatible with true database sites.

Page Updater Pro – Online Web Editor

  • In August 1998, Jim Melanson released Page Updater on the Charity Ware site. It quickly became that sites most popular program and is currently in use on thousands of sites around the world. A year later he wrote the Pro version which supported multiple pages. It wasn’t put in general distribution but was released “on request”. It is now available in general release.

Publish Master – Web Publishing System

  • Add webzine to your website! PublishMaster is unique article web publishing CGI system you’ll not find anywhere else. Publish and manage your articles, reviews, stories and so on. Look and Feel is totally customizable. Free tech support.