Gaining Contact – No Free Email Services

Due to the huge number of bounced emails we receive from services like Hotmail, Yahoo and other free Web based email services, we cannot accept subscriptions to Best Sites Newsletter for those who wish to use these services. Unfortunately users of these services abandon them, leave the email box full and many other reasons that all add up to mail return maintenance for us. It is simply not worth the time to continually clean these email addresses from our database.

If privacy is a concern, you should understand that we protect the privacy of all our site members and newsletter subscribers as one of our top priorities. So please rest assured that providing us with your Website or ISP email is something you can do in complete confidence.

The Technomax Group is a member of The Netcheck Commerec Bureau for your assurance. In the 6 years that we have been a member not a single complaint of any kind has ever been lodged against us.

Who Should Subscribe?

If you are interested in high quality articles about the Internet that focus on anything from marketing to design and programming, then Best Sites Bi-Monthly is for you. You are always welcome to use our content on your own site or in your own newsletters, provided that you comply with the copyrights.

Best Sites Daily is the issue that comes out 5-7 times a week and provides reviews of top-notch Web properties before they appear in our database or on our site. You’ll have advance notice of any special software values as well. Recently (and it will come around again), we provided Chattalooga Live Help! Customer Web-based help software for just $50 for two years of service. A value that we can say without doubt is one of the best on the Web.

Of course you can also subscribe to both if you wish.

One of the features of Best Sites is that we are not just interested in numbers but are much more focused on the individuals that subscribe and the quality in terms of professionalism of their Websites. This is not a place for MLM marketers (nothing personal), spammers, scammers, adult sites, hate sites and the like. We are building a community of like-minded individuals that can communicate their opnions, products and services through our community without having to spend a $100 CPM as many Opt-in Email Services charge for responsive mailing lists.

We feel it’s one of the better reads available on the Net. Please take a minute and read what our readers think and feel:

“Excellent article! Shopping cart information that is useable or reliable is so rare these days, thanks so much for an honest and hard hitting article complete with hands on info!!!!”
Diane Garrod – Loconotion Idea Studios Inc.

“Your news letter always has something interesting in it. In your last issue your advice on the search engines was right on. My listing is now on page one of Alta Vista”
Ron DeSilva – Invis Mortgage Corporation

“I really enjoyed reading your touching story about your christmas gift to your mom. Thank you. I’ve passed it along to a few other people who will enjoy it.”
Howard Richman – Sound Feelings.Com