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Mingle2 Review: How does this free dating app stack up?

If you are looking for a simple, free and free dating app. then Mingle2 might be just what you are looking for. Is it really better than Tinder or any other dating app? We’ve reviewed it so that you can decide if it is worth your time or not. Read on to find out more.

What is Mingle2?

Mingle2 is an online dating website that connects thousands of singles with other like-minded people in their local areas. Mingle2 was designed to be a free, easy to use and highly reliable online dating site that connects single people based on their similar interests and desires. The website allows its users to browse through a user friendly interface and is one of the most popular free online dating apps.

Mingle2 vs Tinder

We can’t leave this review without comparing Mingle2 to Tinder. The first thing to note is that Mingle2 and Tinder are both free dating apps, so what makes one better than the other? It comes down to what you are looking for in a dating app. Mingle2 is perfect for users who are looking for something very simple and straightforward. If you are not quite sure what to say, and don’t want to commit to a relationship straight away, Mingle2 is the perfect app for you.

Tinder on the other hand is a dating app that has been designed specifically to connect single people with other like minded people. This app works a lot like an online dating website, but it does so through the use of swiping. Tinder makes it easy to swipe left or right, and if you see someone you like you can send them a message or even meet them in person. You can also choose whether you would like to be open to both sexes. If you want something a little more serious and committed, Mingle2 might not be the best choice for you.

Key Features

There are several key features that make this dating app more unique than many other similar apps. These include a free trial, matchmaking, compatibility matching and the ability to create a dating profile with the Mingle2 app. Mingle2 is highly mobile friendly, and it’s extremely easy to use. This makes it ideal for users that are constantly on the go.

Mingle2 is available for both android and iOS devices and both work in a similar way. In the app’s main screen, there is a set of categories that you can select from to browse the millions of singles that are in your local area. Once you’ve selected the category you are interested in, you can search for a potential mate by entering a first name, or using their location to narrow down the search. When you’ve found the person you would like to meet, you can send them a message and then get to know each other.

Free Trial

Mingle2 offers a 7 day free trial which is more than enough time to decide whether this is the right dating app for you. You can sign up for the trial, get connected and start messaging other singles in your area without having to pay a penny. When you are ready to pay for a subscription, you can do so at any time during the free trial.


In order to find potential matches for you, Mingle2 has a built in matchmaking system. This feature takes into account compatibility, and other factors such as a users interests, lifestyle, location and personality. If a user signs up to this service they will be matched with the other user based on these factors.

Creating a Mingle2 Profile

When you create your profile, it gives you a number of options that will help you to make yourself stand out from other users. You can give an interesting headline, use photos to help you sell your profile to other singles, and you can choose whether or not you are open to both sexes.


  • The Mingle2 app works on both iOS and Android devices
  • It is completely free to use
  • The compatibility matching feature is a great way to find potential partners
  • You can create a free profile
  • You can connect to users in your local area with only a few taps of your fingers
  • Users can view profiles for other users using the app
  • The interface of the app is user friendly and easy to use
  • The app has an active community
  • There are many users with similar interests and backgrounds to you
  • It is highly mobile friendly, making it an ideal dating app for people on the move


  • The free trial ends after seven days, and if you don’t want to pay for a subscription you will have to start all over again
  • The compatibility matching feature can be a little too effective, so you might find yourself talking to a person a lot and never actually meeting in person
  • Mingle2 is not always the first choice when it comes to online dating apps, so it might not be the easiest way to connect with someone

Our Verdict

In conclusion, Mingle2 is a free dating app that can be a little daunting at first. It might not be the best way to start dating, but it is certainly free and easy to use. With all these key features, you could certainly be convinced to give it a try. If you are looking for something a little more serious then perhaps you should consider the paid version.

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Top Sites and Entertainment Links Featured in Surfers Choice Internet Awards Portal 2002

  • A men’s online magazine offering the best advice on dating, secrets of love, celebrity biography, relationships and health. Movie reviews and Power and Money well worth the read.

  • Weird and wild comedy. (Added: 28-Feb-2003 Hits: 35 Rating: 0 Votes: 0)

Combustible Celluloid

  • An ongoing project offering discussions, reviews, and theories on the World’s Greatest Movies.

  • is the center of the events world with more than 25,000 festivals and events to search by keyword, geography or date. They are organized by art, culture, children, motor sports, music and sports. News, Features and the Event of the Day are added services. Travel resources and merchandise for sale are additions to

Sony Music USA

  • Sony Music Online is the home of Columbia, Epic, Legacy and associated labels. Fans will find music, news, chat, videos, tour updates and the latest information on their favorite artists. Sony Music Online is home to Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Celine Dion, Bob Dylan, Gloria Estefan, The Fugees, Macy Gray, Lauryn Hill, Julio Iglesias, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Marsalis, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen and many more!

Sony Play Station

  • Official Sony Playstation Company Web Sites (Added: 1-Mar-2003

The Discovery Channel

  • From the Jeff Corwin Experience to the Chomp Game the Discovery Channel offers a plethora of entertainment value.

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Clubs

  • Yuk Yuk’s – The World’s Largest Chain of Comedy Clubs. Based in Canada, our booking agency, Funny Business Talent Agency, agents professional stand-up comedians of all varieties for live corporate, campus, event and tour engagements.
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Top Education Websites on Surfers Choice Internet Awards

American Council on Education

  • The American Council on Education is a forum for the discussion of major issues related to higher education and its potential to contribute to the quality of American life.


  • offers clipart and free teaching resources. You can also find personalized classroom materials at

Education Planet – Top Site 2002

  • Education Planet – A leading K-12 search engine that helps teachers, students and parents find educator-approved educational resources, including top sites, lesson plans, maps, online courses, teacher tools and more!


  • The Exploratorium: a hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco. Our site provides interactive online exhibits and exhibitions, activities, Webcasts, and more

Science Master

  • ScienceMaster brings high quality science to the Internet. Our goal is to provide the best science resources for teachers, parents, hobbyists, and life-long learners. Bookmark us or link to us from your computer or web site to have quick access to the top science sites on the Internet. Through our website and products, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of home, educational, and professional users of scientific resource sites and software.

Sylvan Learning Center

  • Tutoring services are what Sylvan Learning Centers are all about. We offer tutors for k-12 education, including math help, reading help and more. We also offer SATŪ test prep.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education is the number one news and job-information source for college and university faculty members, administrators, and students
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Graphics Design Surfers Choice Internet Portal

Internet Graphics and Interfaces

  • offers low cost attractive, professional website templates. get your custom web template today!

Art By Cheryl – Web Graphics

  • Cheryl’s Image Gallery at has a huge database of original, hand-drawn clipart designed for the web and free to use on your own commercial or personal sites. This award-winning gallery has thousands of images including icons, animations, bars, clipart, backgrounds, textures, tutorials, tubes, tips and more.

Cool Archive Internet Graphics

  • Huge free vault of 1000+ clipart images, 950+ fonts, 4000+ icons, hundreds of animations, buttons, bullets, arrows, bars, html and photoshop tips, sounds. Plus an online Logo Generator and Button Maker to create your own graphics!

Cool Text Logos On-Line

  • is a totally free online service which provides real-time generation of graphics customized exactly the way you want them. pop

Pixel Site – Web Grpahics

  • Create your own custom rendered graphics including icons, buttons, titles, textures, and backgrounds.

Web Spice Internet Graphics

  • 10,000 Web graphics was absoulutly FREE from WEBSPICE.COM – the world’s largest collection of Web icons, graphics, 3D modeled clipart, photo images, and GIF animations available anywhere.

Go Graph Internet Graphics

  • Using simple keywords, GoGraph allows you to quickly locate icons, animated GIFs, photographs, Clip Art, Wallpapers and Interfaces. GoGraph makes it easier to search for the right graphic.
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Surfers Choice Internet Awards Portal

  • 24/7 Media is a worldwide leader at providing interactive products and services for advertisers, marketers and publishers in all new media. 24/7 Media applies classic advertising and marketing principles to new media, emphasizing creativity and innovation, utilizing the latest tools, and stressing customer service, follow-through and feedback.
  • Thruport Technologies develops and deploys advanced Internet applications enhance productivity and increase profitability. Solutions include the HotOffice intranet office suite, AdJuggler internet advertising solutions, Demographica internet survey software and Jazz portal mail & marketing solutions.

ADFRONT.COM Classifieds

  • ADFRONT.COM Classifieds is a free and user friendly site. We have covered more countries/cities than any other classifieds around the world. (Added: 17-Jan-1999 Hits: 91 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Bits on the Wire

  • Bits on the Wire provides web design, a banner network, e-commerce development, active server pages development and more.

Blue Streak

  • Rich Media and other advertising related services.

Exit Exchange

  • Free Targeted Exit Traffic to your website through the Network that’s leading the Internet Marketing Industry with an effective Advertising Solution!

Free Banners

  • Free-Banners is one of the world’s leading banner exchange networks, giving you extensive exposure and earns you cash, providing detailed customization capabilities to maximize your advertising efficiency!

Free Visits

  • FreeVisits is one of the world’s leading exit exchange networks, giving you extensive advertising exposure and earns you cash, providing detailed customization capabilities to maximize your advertising efficiency!

On Response

  • A Value Click company. Sell or purchase advertising. Affiliate program.
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Surfers Choice Commits To Fighting Terrorism and Helping to Preserve Democracy and Freedom

Effective September 24th, 2001 Surfers Choice will dedicate 10% of all earnings from this site and our other portals and directories to the cause of freedom for all countries. We will continue doing this until such time as this vile enemy is defeated.

There is much you can do to help promote peace, security and freedom throughout this world.

  • Live without hate in your heart. All men were created equal in God’s eyes and should be treated as such in spite of color, creed or beliefs.
  • Treat others with dignity at all times. Even the most troubled person seeks love and understanding. Watch the movie, Dead Man Walking or the Green Mile, to see for yourself.
  • Seek to understand that others may be different from you, but they nonetheless want peace and joy in their lives just as you do.
  • Educate your mind, but just as importantly (or perhaps more so), educate your heart.
  • God put us here to love each other. Teach your children love and tolerance. Love really is all conquering.
  • When hate or fear stares you in the eyes, rise above it, but never let either defeat you.
  • Remember that you can make a difference. Think of those that met the greatest challenge life gives us each one on his or her own on that fateful day to remember – September 11th, 2001. Do positive things with your life so that someday people will live in harmony.
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Flashback to Top 2001 Top Sites in the Health Sector

Surfers Choice Internet Awards Portal 2001 Top Sites Health
Category winner – Genetic Health

  • The latest information about genetics and your health. A wealth of information about most recognized diseases.

Dr. – Women’s Health

  • Donnica Moore, M.D., provides thorough women’s health information. Topics include menopause, hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, migraine, headache, birth control, infertility, heart disease, breast cancer, thyroid disease, fibroids, sexuality, and wellness. pop Rating: 10.00
  • The latest news, in-depth features, health calculators, support groups — at you’ll find the information and resources you need to help you and your family live healthier lives. Whether you want to start a new exercise program or just got the diagnosis, can help you make the most of your health.

Dr.Paul’s Child Health and Wellness Site

  • Excite’s official child health site. Dr.Paul is a nationally syndicated Pediatrican and this site is loaded with great content for all parents.

The Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation

  • The Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation is an international center for research and education, in the field of orthopedics. The Foundation is intended to ensure the advancement of techniques, technologies, and treatment for people suffering from arthritis, degenerative joint disease and injury.

WebMed – Health Resources

  • WebMD helps the healthcare system work for consumers, physicians, health plans and other providers by enabling increased efficiency, better decision-making and, ultimately, higher quality patient care at a lower cost.
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Turn JavaScript Generators on with Special Services

As of October 1, 2002 all the javascript generators on (the affiliates are NOT included in this) are released as freeware. What that means is that anyone wanting to use the generators on their site are free to do so. No copyrights, credits, or links are required. Use them, abuse them, sell them; just have fun.

To find out where, how, and why check the reasons and policy concerning this release.
Drop Down Menu
This script will help you create a dropdown menu. Each option on your menu will link to a selected page.

Pop-Up Window
Create a custom Pop-Up window. You define size and options. Great for site maps and other info.

Create a watermark that stays in the same place on a page even when scrolled.

Create a Slide Show with multiple images. Includes controls and description for each image.

Auto JavaScript Clock

Have your own digital updating clock for your page. This clock is image based.

Text Clocks
Create your own text clock. Multiple formats and locations to choose from.

Create timer countdown to a specified date. Increments from days down to seconds.

Background Music
Embed background music into your website. Includes options for loop times and display panel.

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Gaining Contact – No Free Email Services

Due to the huge number of bounced emails we receive from services like Hotmail, Yahoo and other free Web based email services, we cannot accept subscriptions to Best Sites Newsletter for those who wish to use these services. Unfortunately users of these services abandon them, leave the email box full and many other reasons that all add up to mail return maintenance for us. It is simply not worth the time to continually clean these email addresses from our database.

If privacy is a concern, you should understand that we protect the privacy of all our site members and newsletter subscribers as one of our top priorities. So please rest assured that providing us with your Website or ISP email is something you can do in complete confidence.

The Technomax Group is a member of The Netcheck Commerec Bureau for your assurance. In the 6 years that we have been a member not a single complaint of any kind has ever been lodged against us.

Who Should Subscribe?

If you are interested in high quality articles about the Internet that focus on anything from marketing to design and programming, then Best Sites Bi-Monthly is for you. You are always welcome to use our content on your own site or in your own newsletters, provided that you comply with the copyrights.

Best Sites Daily is the issue that comes out 5-7 times a week and provides reviews of top-notch Web properties before they appear in our database or on our site. You’ll have advance notice of any special software values as well. Recently (and it will come around again), we provided Chattalooga Live Help! Customer Web-based help software for just $50 for two years of service. A value that we can say without doubt is one of the best on the Web.

Of course you can also subscribe to both if you wish.

One of the features of Best Sites is that we are not just interested in numbers but are much more focused on the individuals that subscribe and the quality in terms of professionalism of their Websites. This is not a place for MLM marketers (nothing personal), spammers, scammers, adult sites, hate sites and the like. We are building a community of like-minded individuals that can communicate their opnions, products and services through our community without having to spend a $100 CPM as many Opt-in Email Services charge for responsive mailing lists.

We feel it’s one of the better reads available on the Net. Please take a minute and read what our readers think and feel:

“Excellent article! Shopping cart information that is useable or reliable is so rare these days, thanks so much for an honest and hard hitting article complete with hands on info!!!!”
Diane Garrod – Loconotion Idea Studios Inc.

“Your news letter always has something interesting in it. In your last issue your advice on the search engines was right on. My listing is now on page one of Alta Vista”
Ron DeSilva – Invis Mortgage Corporation

“I really enjoyed reading your touching story about your christmas gift to your mom. Thank you. I’ve passed it along to a few other people who will enjoy it.”
Howard Richman – Sound Feelings.Com

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Top Internet Directories and Search Engines Submission Pages

Surfers Choice Internet Awards Portal: Internet Directories and Search Engines Submission Pages
Links: Ah-Ha.Com – gives you a unique way to advertise your products and services. Our LogoLink program gives you the branding of traditional Internet advertising, and the benefits of pay per click. (Added: 21-Feb-2003 Hits: 7 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
All The Web – AlltheWeb is is the public search engine and technology showcase for Fast Search & Transfer, ASA (FAST). Here customers, partners, analysts, and the public can access some of the latest search technologies available on the Internet today. At AlltheWeb the scalability, relevance, and ease of use of our search offerings are on display and available for testing. (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 8 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
Alta Vista – With using AltaVista’s Express Inclusion service you can expect to see your site listed within 5-10 days. The nice thing about this new service is that AltaVista will re-index your site weekly, therefore making sure that your listing is current. You can still choose to submit to Alta Vista for free, however expect to wait 7-10 months before they index your site, if at all. (Added: 21-Feb-2003 Hits: 5 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
AOL Search – AOL Search is a hierarchical Web directory, organized by subject. All our user-submitted Web content is maintained by the Open Directory Project ( The Open Directory Project is run by a staff of volunteer editors who choose to evaluate and classify Web sites in one or more categories. The editor exercises the option of choosing to add a site, moving sites between categories and creating new sites. (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 3 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
Ask Jeeves – Site Submit is a subscription service in which you may submit Web Pages (URLs) to be placed and maintained in the search engine database index used on and (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 4 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
Clickey – Clickey is the Internet’s first search engine and domain directory populated exclusively with top-level domain names. Built from the ground up with a desire to get back to basics, offers features not found on any other search engine. With thousands of new web sites coming online each month, a new and logical way to catalog and retrieve information was needed. After years of in-depth collaboration with site owners and end users, Clickey was born. (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 6 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
DMOZ – Open Directory Project – The web continues to grow at staggering rates. Automated search engines are increasingly unable to turn up useful results to search queries. The small paid editorial staffs at commercial directory sites can’t keep up with submissions, and the quality and comprehensiveness of their directories has suffered. Link rot is setting in and they can’t keep pace with the growth of the Internet. The Open Directory provides the means for the Internet to organize itself. (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 3 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
Dog Pile – Dogpile Search allows you to search multiple leading search engines at once, returning only more comprehensive and relevant results, fast. (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 16 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
Galaxy – Thank you for your interest in Galaxy. Launched in January of 1994, Galaxy was the first Internet directory and search engine on the Internet. Galaxy’s goal is to provide the public with a gateway to the best of the Web. Galaxy’s high volume of traffic makes a listing in Galaxy’s Directory a valuable asset for any Web site. (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 9 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
GigaBlast – A new search engine (summer 2002) that features cached results. (Added: 24-Feb-2003 Hits: 8 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It