Surfers Choice Awards Application Process
We are now accepting entries for the 7th Annual Surfers Choice Internet Awards nomination process.

The process is described in detail in the section below. Please read this carefully before proceeding.
How The Nomination Process Works

Each entry must submit a $35 US non-refundable review fee upon submission. Sites that are accepted as official Surfers Choice Nominees will be required to pay a further sum of $40 US. Winners in each category will receive the Official Surfers Choice Top Site Award. Others will receive the Surfers Choice Select Award. See below for a complete summary of what this service includes. Bona fide non-profit or charity sites that can provide legitimate proof as to their status will be charged just $35 US for the full service if selected.

Sites that may not win the award will be considered to list their property in our database, if we feel that the content would be of benefit to all. These sites will receive the "Listed At Surfers Choice" button. The fee for this service is $35 US.


The process of evaluating a Web site is difficult to reduce to words or to a defined set of standards. The Internet is in a constant metamorphosis and new ideas and concepts are emerging on an almost daily basis.

Our judges are not looking for perfection for that would make the process both unfair and perhaps impossible. Suffice it to say that the sites selected as Official Surfers Choice Nominees will provide a unique and lasting experience. They will be the artisans that shape and influence their categories and provide us with an experience that we'll want to visit again and again.

All sites are reviewed by the appropriate judge based on these selected criteria:
• Content and Substance
• Layout and Design
• Navigation and Aesthetic appeal
• Interactivity and Functionality
• Security and Indentity
• Value of user experience

The Process

All entries are reviewed within 5 days of receipt (unless otherwise posted). Those sites that are selected as Official Surfers Choice Nominees will be required to submit the balance of payment ($40 US) and will receive the services listed below. Some sites may be selected for inclusion in our searchable database. Sites that do not qualify will receive a brief e-mail as to the reasons why.

The submission process is open from August 15th to April 30th annually. Nominees for the Surfers Choice Top Site Award are posted in their respective categories on static HTML pages and are hyperlinked from all pages in our main site.

In May our judges select the top site from each category to receive the Surfers Choice Top Site Award.

5.    Site Types We Are Unable To Accept

Cloned sites - such as many MLM sites. Original work only please.

A site that contains porn (Nudity in art is probably not porn - as in paintings, tatoos, etc. However, the crass depiction of sexual acts as in an adult Web site would be considered porn) , hate, political propaganda, or violence.

Sites that promote SPAM, UCE or bulk mail services, Warez or password sites.

Sites that are involved with pyramid schemes or any activity that is illegal.

If your site takes more than 30 seconds to load at 56K modem speed, please do not apply. Flash and other slower loading intros are fine, but a "Skip Intro" link shold be provided.

A site must be viewable in at least IE4.X or Netscape4.X browsers. If a site is browser specific, please do not submit it.