About Surfers Choice Internet Awards

We are 2002 Nominees and Winners for Surfers Choice Top Site Awards will commence February 17th, 2003. Watch this page as we post them for your viewing.

Case Studies

Chattalooga Live Help! Offer Live Help to your Web site visitors without breaking the budget!!!
Well, we hate to wave the hype flag, but we think we’ve come up with something really good here.
Live Help services such as Human Click (now Live Person) charge upwards of $40 monthly (and much more for Enterprise Level Solutions) for live help desk services.

Royalty Free Images

Replace your clip art with Hemera™ Photo-Objects™ digital images and add professional impact to your projects! These real photos of people, animals, plants and objects have been cut from their original backgrounds so they’re ready for your projects when you need the perfect royalty-free image fast. Drag and drop them quickly and easily into everything from Web pages to school projects thanks to a dynamic, easy-to-use search engine.