About Me

What’s up everyone! My name is Cruz and this is my blog about surfing. You most likely will not see anything on this website that isn’t involved with surfing so if you’re not interested in surfing then you’re in the wrong place. On this website I am going to be posting the best rides, best surfers, best surf spots, best boards, and you get the picture. I have been surfing my whole life and grew up on the big island of Hawaii. Pictured about is me and buddies who have been surfing with me since day 1. They are family. I am trying to make it pro so I can make money doing what I love because school and an actual job is not the life for me. Right now, I currently work at a surf shop which is just about the only job I am capable of having. I was born with a free spirit and if my job doesn’t encourage or motivate me to be creative and be myself then that job is not for me. You catch the flow, so enjoy my blog!