5 Ways To Be The Perfect Fuck Buddy

As easy as having a fuck buddy sounds it doesn’t mean that everyone can be a good one or one at all. Depending on people’s personalities it can be hard for relationship type of people to be into the casual, no strings attached kind of sex.

If you’re trying to break out of your comfort zone and try out this whole fuck buddy thing, then take a stab at these five things, and you’ll be one of the best out there.

1. Go With The Flow:

Your fuck buddy canceled or is going on a vacation without giving an exact date of returning, don’t freak out. Be able to receive a booty call and either act on it or simply disregard it but don’t create a commotion if things don’t go your way.

It’s hard to separate your personal emotions from the person you’re sexual with but try your best to differentiate them. If you both wanted to be in a relationship, you would be, but for now, your fuck buddies so act like it and let the sex come and go without being too controlling.

2. Be Okay With Experimenting:

Nothing is exciting about the same position, place, and person that is why people have multiple fuck buddies and casual hookups because change is refreshing and hot. If someone is into bondage or trying something they saw on the internet, why not have an open mind and entertain the idea?

As long as you will be safe and get mutual pleasure then there is no reason why you should be closed minded about what happens between you two, you have a fuck buddy for goodness sake, keep being open-minded.

3. No Expectations:

It’s hard not to have high hopes especially if you get the late night drunk booty call but sometimes it doesn’t end up panning out. Someone will always get too drunk, fall asleep or simply forget to respond because they’re at the moment but that’s all apart of the agreement.

No need to get butthurt if your fuck buddy is lagging on following through because it’s supposed to be spontaneous and at random so don’t get disappointed just have multiple fuck buddies on the back burner if number one can’t be of any use.

4. Stay Clean:

There’s nothing more annoying or repulsive than getting calls or texts saying you exposed them to a scary STD or virus going around. Even if you’re it’s a common cold, don’t be meeting up with your fuckbuddy because then your night of fun will end with a week of tissues and cough syrup. ¬†This is especially important for folks who want to simply meet and fuck people nearby¬†with no strings attached.

Leave your fuck buddy feeling recharged and satisfied not stuffy and annoyed that you’re passing on all of your sick germs.

5. Be Drama-Free:

Make sure you’re venting to your friends and family and not this random person you casually have sex with when it’s convenient. If you start to let your guard down and list them as an emergency contact, you’ve totally crossed the line of what should be an easy fuck.

Strings will start attaching, and it’s going to end in a catastrophe with a broken heart and lack of sex life. No one wants that. Make sure you leave all of your stress and drama elsewhere and get at the moment with your fuckbuddy because sex is the best stress reliever so shut up and get down to business.

Check out the video below for more info on this!