3 Reasons You Should Get Sexual On The First Date

I’m not promoting having intercourse with everyone you go on a date with, but if there is a slight connection, then there is no harm taking things to the next level by the end of the date. Whether you want to make your way up to their place or just a hot makeout session, it’s important to connect emotionally and physically so you’ can establish what type of relationship this is.

Just because you like someone as a person doesn’t mean you will have hot passionate sex with them, what everyone deserves.

Sex is a pleasure a huge part of any relationship so why not spill your feelings during dinner and get down and dirty during dessert?

1. Determine If There’s Sexual Chemistry:

You might feel the instant connection right when you meet, or your nerves are just getting to you. First dates can be nerve-racking, but sometimes you just need a little spark which starts with a kiss to know if you want to pursue someone.

This can be felt instantly when meeting or further into the date when you see their mannerisms or sense of humor, but a kiss at the end of it should seal the deal. Not every first kiss will be magical but you will know what you’re working with and if it’s worth pursuing.

2. Get It Out Of The Way:

All of the awkward steps and rules people make in their head about what should happen the first date is complete bullshit. You should play by your rule book and do whatever will make you feel satisfied with your date.

It’s one thing to rush what you’re not comfortable with but if you’ve been dying to kiss them throughout the entire date then just go for it and see where it ends up! Chances are your date felt the same way but way too shy to make the first move.

Remember, there is no first date protocol anymore and don’t hesitate to make a move and act on your emotions to get the answers you want. Looks can be deceiving, so their attractiveness could not match up with your physical desires.

3. No Time Wasting:

The saying, “time is money” is very true because you don’t want to be going on multiple dates with someone to find out that you’re not sexually compatible. I don’t care how many things you have in common if your libido’s don’t match up then your sex life is going straight into the trashcan.

Instead of waiting for the three days after text and then setting up another date and getting reacquainted just cut to the chase if you actually want to see this person again and speed up the process. There is no need to take things so slow to find out a month and two dates later if they’re a horrid kisser, (wo)man up and make the first move!

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