3 Signs You Need A New Fuck Buddy

Not everyone you sleep with has to be a thing, partner or soulmate but if you’re having regular casual sex with someone make sure they’re worth your time. Many people get stuck in routines that don’t involve any real pleasure or excitement for them, but it’s something to do.

If you’re unsure if you want to continue your sexual relations with someone to which they just so happen to fall into these three categories, then get yourself a new fuck buddy pronto. Don’t just settle for mediocre sex when you could be screaming O’s every night of the week instead.

1. You’re not satisfied:

It’s hard to reach climax every single time, but it should be a regular thing especially if you’ve had a chance to get to know your partner sexually. Everyone has their own turn on’s and preferences, so it’s important to please your partner as much as they please you.

Don’t get into a unfulfilling routine of having a fuck buddy that isn’t getting the job done while leaving you to feel unattractive shortly after. That’s the whole point of seeing someone only for sexual reasons because you want to leave the whole interaction better than when you left, not feeling like you’ve done your job and leaving empty-handed.

2. You’re insecure:

The more comfortable and sexy you feel the better the whole night will turn out so if you’re always thinking about how fat or flawed you may look then you’re not losing yourself at the moment.

To reach climax, it’s important to get out of your head and only focus on feeling good and taking in each moment. If the person you’re sleeping with isn’t giving you terms of endearment or reminding you how attractive you are before or during then you might want to start fucking someone that knows how to give a compliment.

It’s completely normal for comments to be said during but if you end up leaving the night less than or second guessing your abilities or body, then you need to break away from that unhealthy sex frenzy.

3. Your mind wanders during:

Like I said earlier about getting lost in the moment, the only thoughts you should be having is about what position you want to try next if you’re not already reaching climax. If you’re meeting up with your fuck buddy, your primary focus should be your sexual pleasure not all of the responsibilities you have or errands you want to run after.

Having sex in a fuck buddy situation isn’t mandatory it’s primarily for fun and being a stress reliever so you should be getting your fix majority of the time. Once your new agreement turns into a mindless motion that you check off your list of things to do, run for the hills because that’s not how the fuck buddy arrangement should be.

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